Thursday, December 25, 2008

UN Condemns human rights violations in Myanmar (Burma).

The U.N just gave one of it's strongest condemnations of Burma's junta ever, yesterday. Amazing that the world still keeps going over Christmas.

The U.N resolution, "sponsored by United States, Australia, South Korea, Israel and many European countries" who believe in human dignity and freedom " was approved by a vote of 80-25 with 45 abstentions". Those who voted against it are primarily nations that either don't believe that humans should be treated at least as well as a pet chickend, and don't believe that the rape and intimidation of entire cultures is bad, or are part of the Chinese coalition of the bribed and coerced.
Burma's fascist regime (hell bent on producing nuclear weapons in order to terrorize even more people according to one source) denounced the U.N assembly for "blatant interference".
I think a machine gun pointed in Than Shwe's face might be somewhat more pursuasive, but let's take what we can get.

According to the International Herald Tribune "The General Assembly "strongly" called on Myanmar's government "to desist from further politically motivated arrests and to release without delay and without conditions those who have been arbitrarily arrested and detained, as well as all political prisoners."

Another article that I just glimpsed at says that Daewoo signed a business deal in, a big "f*ck you" goes out to Daewoo.


Anonymous said...

I can guess who the usual suspects are in regards to the 25 no votes. Who are the 45 abstentions? I have a good idea but would like to know. An interesting essay would examine the so called nonaligned movement. - Roger

Craig Williamson said...

Hmm, that's a good point. Some of these abstentions might have good reasons to do so... I reserve judgement on that.