Monday, December 29, 2008

Michaëlle Jean and what I like about Canada

I spend a lot of time talking about things that are wrong in the world. That's sort of the point of this blog, well actually it's not but this blog does cover world affairs and we do seem to have a tendency to focus on the negative. I suppose that means that humanity is essentially good (yeah, yeah, bleeding heart liberal that I am) otherwise if humanity's natural state was to be "evil" than we would be shocked by kindness and not terror. Not a very well thought out argument, but that is only another bunny trail that I won't explore at this moment.

I do however want to talk about something that is positive and that is Canada. Yes, everyone loves his or her own country, but I think we have something truly great in Canada. We seem to have made this peaceful and diverse country with few social problems. Okay, yes there are homeless in the streets, for which there is little excuse. There is also great poverty in some areas and the First Nation's people do not enjoy the same living conditions as the rest of Canada.

But, I claim that if we stake Canada up against how most people have lived throughout history, Canada would come out at just about the top, if not the top on certain measurements. Those measurements would be: personal liberty balanced by rule of law and protections for the weak, opportunity to create wealth, opportunity to become a stake-holder in the governing system (democracy) and opportunity to pursue personal goals and interests. When compared to other democracies, Canada has a very tolerant population and is relatively free of violence, racial tensions and extreme poverty. Is it good enough? Of course not. But, it is good and getting better in some regards.

Don't mistake what I'm saying for some kind of Molson Canadian nationalism which is in itself deeply ironic as Molson Canadian is no longer's owned by Coors...Jokes on you Molson Canadian nationalists! But rather what I'm saying is more of what drunken lunatics really talk about when they are missing home.

Damn, that was out loud...err in type. I could delete it, but why bother. It's out back on topic we go.

Don't mistake this for some sort of ....errrr frick, already said that....

Canada is actually stronger because we are not so nationalistic (made it up, 2008, p. 0) Maybe I mean to say that I don't really like nationalism because it can sometimes be bad.
Changed my mind...nationalism is fine as long as it doesn't involve blowing up other countries and as long as anyone can become a member of that nation.

Oh, but what is a nation? Hmm...I prefer to think of Canada as a multi-national state. Quebec is certainly a nation, and good for them. They add a lot of colour to the country, and I hope they stick with us. More power to the Quebec nation is fine by me. They have an inalienable right to self determination, after all but I hope they continue feeling comfortable and happy in the Dominion...(I like that word...Star Trek has made me like that word...(and heck, my name is Williamson after all) even if the name implies that someone has dominion over the land, perhaps someone does (used to be Jesus, but now it's Stephen Harper)...I still like it).

Another set of nations within Canada are the First Nation's. Those are the peoples currently living in North America who are indigenous. They governed themselves in a very different fashion than Europeans governed themselves, and were who were largely marginalized (and remain so) ,perhaps as a result of previously mentioned different political system?

Anyway, I digress (frequently). Canada has been moving in a very good direction and I miss it. I also miss the cold rapid rivers in the winter, and I miss the flowers and trees. (There is a guy taking a piss outside of my window...talking on the phone and pissing outside of my window!...weirdo).

When I started to write this, I was going to write about Michaëlle Jean, Governor-General of Canada, but this is a blog so I don't need to be organized. And I was going to talk about how she is telling Canada to be realistic with things given the "economic crisis". So, I'll close with that. the Governor General is telling us to be cautious and she's right...get out of debt and stay out of debt.

I'd also like to say how great of an image it sends to the world, and the people I've met who live in oppressed nations, to see this young, intelligent, media woman as the most powerful person in Canada. I love seeing her sit on the Throne and I love what is says about us.


Anonymous said...

Yin Yang Yin Yang

Hey, the dominion in Star Trek were not a good thing.


Craig Williamson said...

Sure they were. It's just the Federation's point of view that we are seeing. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes,I see that, and the Borg were just

Craig Williamson said...

The Borg were definately misunderstood ;)

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you were "assimulated" to be saying crazy things like that.