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Dick (Vader) Cheney

No blog with the title Sinister Cynical Instrument could possibly ignore the end of Dick Cheney's Vice-Presidency. For starters, let us take a look at a sampling of "Dick Cheney headlines" that came up through google. Keep in mind that these are news items and should be a little truthy, at least.
So, here is the current top stories appearing under this guys name:

Dick Cheney leaves with a
record of contempt, secrecy and lies
Salt Lake Tribune, United
States - Dec 23, 2008By Dick Polman It's impossible to critique the
failures of the Bush era without targeting the de facto deputy president, Dick
Cheney, a historically unique ...

Karl Rove on War of
Words Between Dick Cheney and Joe Biden
FOXNews -

Dick Cheney Calls 9/11 the "Highest Moment" of the Last Eight
AlterNet, CA -

Good riddance to Dick
Kansas City Star, MO - Dec 22, 2008By Yael T. Abouhalkah,

Carl Levin vs. Dick, MI - Dec 21, 2008Carl Levin
(D-Detroit) announced Vice President Dick Cheney needs to be investigated for
signing off on torture. And he plans to pressure Barack Obama to do ...

Cheney wielded the war to deceiveSan Francisco Chronicle, USA - Dec 23,
2008In the end, the shame of Vice President Dick Cheney was total: unmitigated
by any notion of a graceful departure, let alone the slightest obligation of

Dick Cheney Rated as Worst Vice President Ever by 1 in 4 RespondentsAssociated
Content, CO - Dec 24, 2008... 2008 It would be difficult to name a
United States vice president about whom less was known—and who wielded more
power—than Vice President Dick Cheney. ...

Video: Joe Biden avoids advice
from Dick Cheney - 22 Dec 08
AlJazeeraEnglish - Dec 21, 2008Joe Biden,
the US vice-president-elect, does not plan to seek advice from Dick Cheney, the
outgoing vice-president. This comes despite a long tradition in ...

Cheney's Shocking Admissions on How Close He Came to Nearly .destroying the country

Open and Shut CasesDick Cheney's unique
gift for making hard ...
Slate - Dec 22, 200822, 2008, at 7:14 PM ET
Dick Cheney
In an ever-escalating game of chicken between the executive
branch and the rest of the world,
Vice President Dick Cheney ...

Editorial: Cheney remains
arrogant to the end
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Dec 23, 2008You
have to hand it to Dick Cheney. Very few people could fail so miserably and
still depart with arrogance intact. How bad was Cheney's eight-year tenure

President-elect Biden is sharp contrast to Dick Cheney
Rochester Democrat and
Chronicle, NY - Dec 24,
Rove: Joe Biden Is
Trying To Acquire More Power Than Dick Cheney

Poll: 1
in 4 consider Cheney 'worst' veep in history

23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever
CNN - Dec 22,
2008WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A new national poll suggests that almost a quarter of
Americans think that Dick Cheney is the worst vice president in American
history. ...

Defends Bush on President’s Role
New York Times, United States -
Dec 22, 2008By RACHEL L. SWARNS WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney on
Sunday vigorously defended the White House’s use of broad executive powers
during the last ...

accusation of complicity by top Congressional Democrats
Salon -

articulates chilling truths
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA -
Dec 22, 2008Let history note that Dick Cheney smuggled a bit of truth into a
very large package of lies last week.

Dick Cheney – The VP Remembered For His

Defends Administration
Hartford Courant, United States - Dec 22,
2008WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney offered an unabashed defense of the
Bush administration's claims of broad executive powers Sunday, mocking criticism

Cheney interview shows
comtempt for facts on Iraq
Kansas City Star, MO -

Public Opinion of Dick
UnCapitalist Journal - Dec 22, 2008Those taking the poll were
asked questions that included one about their opinion of Vice President Dick
Cheney's performance in office relative to others ...

Cheney doesn't care if you like him or not
The Flint Journal -

says Congress failed struggling automakers
The Associated Press - Dec
21, 2008WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Dick Cheney blamed Congress for failing
to bail out the auto industry, saying the White House was forced to step in to
save ...

Cheney Still An Asshole
Jossip, NY - Dec 22, 2008Just because Dick
Cheney is practically dead and buried doesn't mean the old hunter doesn't still
have a couple more bullets left in his rifle to take down ...

Cheney’s Everyone-Said-We-Could-Do-It Dodge
The Washington

differences between Cheney and Biden on vice presidential role
Herald Tribune, France - Dec 21, 2008... and the departing one, Dick
Cheney, saying that if Biden "wants to diminish the office of the vice
president, that's obviously his call. ...

Democrats Need Their Own
Consortium News - Dec 23, 2008By Brent Budowsky Editor’s Note:
Over the past week, Vice President Dick Cheney has – without apology –
implicated himself in what appear to be serious ...

be thrilled to see you go, Dick Cheney
New York Daily News, NY -
Dec 22, 2008US Vice President Dick Cheney is saying goodbye, not a moment too
soon for his many detractors.

Cheney: Musicologist
Indecision 2008 (satire) -

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