Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reverse Robin Hood Syndrome

Inflammatory image aside, does anyone else think that it's a bit ridiculous to give money to Japan?  I mean, this is one of the richest nations in the world.  Now, I know that the Japanese economy has been overtaken by China, placing Japan in the third largest position, but in terms of quality of life, Japan's is much, much better than China's.  So, the overall GDP is not so relevant here.  I'm really not insensitive to how much it sucks that Japan had a big earthquake, a tsunami and a small nuclear disaster.  I know this sets them back a lot, but Japan has a huge tax base, and the ability to borrow vast sums of money to rebuild.  They have the technological know-how, and the educated workforce.
     Yet, here they are receiving foreign aid from countries like Thailand!  Thailand has villages where people do not have acess to proper drinking water.  Ok, I think everyone in Thailand has water, but waterborne diseases are still a problem.  And, though everyone has food here, many people can't afford enough food.  Many, many people here have diets that are short on meat and vegetables...not to mention palm oil with the recent shortages.  But, take a walk around The Mall Bankapi, or any of the Central Department Stores, and what do you see?  Thailand for Japan signs everywhere.

It's ridiculous.

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