Friday, April 22, 2011

The end of Canadian politics as we know it?

This might be the end of Canadian politics as we know it. The NDP are polling (not just an off poll, but numerous polls) putting them above the 20% mark nationally, and into the 30-35% range in Quebec. Today, an Ipsos Reid poll is showing Jack Layton's NDP at 24%, behind Stephen Harper's Conservatives at 43%. This places the NDP above the Liberals who come in at 21%.

In Quebec, yesterday's Ekos poll puts the NDP at over 31% and Gilles Duceppe's Bloc Quebecois at just under 24%.

The fact that the NDP is even on the map in Quebec, when only a few weeks ago Thomas Mulcair (the NDP's first MP elected in a general election, they previously had one elected in a by-election) is amazing.

What's far more amazing, is that if this continues, the NDP could be winning a dozen seats or even more. It's almost unspeakable.

Add to that their strong showing in BC, where they are in a tight three-way, and some indications of growing support in the prairies and the Atlantic provinces, and the NDP might be in contention for the top spot soon.

If these numbers hold, or improve for the NDP...the dream of the CCF and its successor party could finally be realized, and that is to replace the Liberals...much as the Labour party replaced the British Liberal party on that side of the Atlantic.

The logjam could be over, and Canadian politics as we know it, could be forever changed.

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