Friday, February 20, 2009

Thai PM admits that Navy sent refugees out to sea

I was thinking about Burma over the past two days, partly because I had to go downtown on some business and I walked past the Embassy of Myanmar.  What a dive that place is.  The rumours I've heard from my Burmese friends are spot on.  The place looks like the government it represents.  I snarled at the building for a moment and then wondered what would happen if it were to be attacked.  Anyway, those were just the thoughts that went through my head as I was passing bye.

I see that Abhisit (the Thai PM) admits that most likely some of those Burmese boat people were forced out to sea by Thai military, in spite of government denials.  I'm happy that he admitted that.  I would have trouble respecting him if he didn't.  There is absolutely no point in denying something that everyone knows to be true.  He does insist that they were given enough food and water.  Oh shut up.  Clearly he's wrong.  But, at least he admitted the basic fact.  

In case you haven't been following, the Thai Navy sent Burmese refugees out on a boat to starve to death.  That's not an exageration.  If one sends a boat out to sea without an engine and with minimal food what does one expect is going to happen?  It would take a pretty thick headed buffalo of a man to not think through what the logical consequence of such an action would be.  Boat - engine - food  + ocean = starvation.  So, by that simple logic, the Navy must have meant for these people to die.   I think it takes a special kind of evil to trample upon those who have nothing and have risked their lives to to go someplace they thought would at least have food.  As David Adams Richards put it, for those who hunt the wounded down.  

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