Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Campbell suddenly cares about the homeless? Convenient.

So, Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell is going to take on homelessness in his province. 
Doesn't it seem a bit convenient that he has just jumped on the problem a year before the winter Olympics come to Vancouver?

He's going to create a homeless strategy and build more low cost housing.  Exactly what advocates, including Jack Layton, have been advocating for...oh, two decades now.  Isn't cleaning up the homeless fairly similar to what China was doing right before it's own Olympics?  Yes, the methods are different (to a degree) but the goal is the same.  Sweep them away so that they don't make us look bad on TV.  If I were Campbell I would be afraid of Carole James's provincial NDP .  BC is being hit hard economically, violence in Vancouver is intensifying, jobs are being lost, provincial budget is strained and there is the high cost of the Olympics to focus on as well.  Will anyone even be able to afford to go to them by next year?  All of this makes for fertile ground for the NDP to storm to victory in BC's May 12 election.  

Does Premier Campbell really thing that his latest focus on the Downtown Eastside which just happens to be the poorest part of the whole damn country and one of the most violent on the continent a few months before an election, and a year before an Olympic games is really fooling anyone?  

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