Thursday, March 29, 2012

Between the lines

I think I've always had some skill in reading between the lines and also judging body language.  So, in today's post I'd like to make some observations on topics that I haven't seen the media cover much from Question Period in the Canadian House of Commons:

Justin Trudeau

I'm not certain, as the cameras must follow the standing orders/Roberts rules or whatever and therefore can only show the official business of the Commons...not what MP's happen to be doing during the official business...but, it seems to me that an awful lot of the heckling happening in the Commons is coming from Justin Trudeau.  I also notice a little bit of swagger in his step.  I don't like it.  I find him scattered, uninteresting, arrogant and disrespectful.  He should grow up a few more years before being allowed to open his mouth again.  His colleagues seem to have a slight disapproval toward him, and the Conservatives laugh at him like he's a complete joke.

Here's an example from March 28 when Trudeau asked about the ending of the Katimavik program.

James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage stated in his response:  "...but I know that if he aims to please Canadians...Saturday night, when he goes into the ring, if he keeps his hands nice and low and keeps his chin nice and high he'll be giving Canadians the greatest show we've been waiting for".

Now, for context, Justin Trudeau is scheduled to go into a charity boxing match on Saturday night.  But yah...Moore and his laughing colleagues know that most Canadians would love to see Trudeau smacked upside the head.

Bob Rae

On March 26, the first day that Thomas Mulcair spoke in the Commons as Leader of the Official Opposition, Bob Rae was all fire and passion.  On March 28, he hardly got any applause from his own caucus when he stood up to speak.  He responded "Thank you for your interim support".  So, obviously he noticed the lack of applause as well.  And, later in QP he asked a further question.  Normally, leaders only ask their first set of questions, and then they allow the other members of their party to ask the rest of the questions.  The fact that no one clapped for him, and that he asked more than one set of questions seems to confirm that he is really having some caucus problems.

Bernard Valcourt, John Baird, Christian Paradis and others. 

Normally Bernard Valcourt, former leader of the NB Progressive Conservatives, and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird nod their heads and agree, in the case of Baird, loudly agree, with whichever Conservative is speaking.  Well, I've noticed that when Christian Paradis tries to justify his violation of conflict of interest ethics, Valcourt glares at him like he's a piece of shit, and Baird averts his eyes and has a look that can only be described as repulsion.  Others are clearly looking on, and there doesn't seem to be much support.

I'm sure Harper will be ripping Paradis to shreds when he gets back to Canada

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