Monday, February 20, 2012

Sexual Orientation or Political Identity?

So, as a "gay" person there are certain beliefs I am supposed to have.  At least that's what it seems like from the constant spin coming from some gay groups.  Okay, I get the point of what they are trying to do...but, I really don't recall getting the brochure telling me about my interests and opinions the first time I had 'relations' .  Additionally,   I really dislike being told that I am supposed to vaguely associate my ideas with every idea out there which is considered to be "left".

As far as I'm concerned, a lot of gays take on a false identity because they feel that that is part of the "coming out" process.  Changing who you are to fit in, is just that.  Do we suddenly need to change our hairstyle, views on guns, and shopping habits just because we like guys?

I'm with Scott Thompson and Boy George on this issue.  In Now Magazine a few years ago, Boy George was asked about how he deals with the stereotypes of who a gay person is supposed to be.  He said a few things that I can remember:  One, was that he doesn't like the word "gay" because "gay" means happy, and he's not happy.  And, that "behind this limp wrist, there's an iron fist".

Scott Thompson, much more recently said that he thinks a lot of gay teens who are being picked on should learn how to fight.  He also talked about conformity, and the  desire to have sex on one's own terms, rather than becoming the ideal of a responsible, monogamous partner.  He blamed it on the women trying to turn their gay friends into their pets.  I wouldn't go that far, but there is certainly an element to that.

I really dislike how gay people are portrayed on television.  Shallow in knowledge, deep on navel gazing and oh so beautiful can describe almost all of them.

We are humans, and as humans we are social.  All humans conform and adapt, so it's not surprising that gays do as well.  I do with though that a bit broader of a story was shown though.  "Gays" are not a unitary entity.

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