Monday, March 9, 2009

Biological governance

Interested now in the concept of biologically based governance.  This stems from the ideas of Dee Hock (of Visa) who coined the term "chaordic" when talking of visa as having the maximum chaotic behaviour with the minimum of order needed to produce stability.  The idea is that nature is very chaotic, yet also has a certain level of order and left to itself is stable.  Without any order, there would be no stability, though with too much order, there would be nothing but creativeness, no diversity, no free thinking, no freedom, and non-sustainability in the long run.

Companies that are too hierarchical destroy human dignitity and create unhealthy governance structures while a pure anarchy would have trouble getting anything done.  The goal in building "organizations based on bilogical precepts, not mechanical concepts" is to create something with "infinite durability, malleability, and diversity" (Hock).  

Here is a link to the text of a presentation that I gave on this matter.  A bit complex and abstract, but interesting:

Below is the slide show presentation that went with the text:  

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