Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hillary Clinton admitting defeat?

The more news I read, the more I want to comment on it. I suppose, that is a promising sign for my new career as a blogger (joking).

Anyway, did anyone watch the debate in Texas between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? If so, you may have noticed that Clinton seem finally ready to indicate that she recognizes that Obama might just win.

At one point she said that she is "absolutely honoured" (actually she repeated the word honoured a number of times) to be standing on the stage together with Obama. Seems to me to be a very conciliatory attitude towards Obama who is now (obviously) the clear front runner.

Elsewhere in the debate she politely pointed out how her healthcare plan will not leave anyone uncovered, whereas his will. Not a bad idea for the now underdog Clinton to stick to policies, rather than bashing Obama for being to optimistic.

Perhaps Clinton is well aware that she is likely not going to win the Democratic nod and is attempting to get herself in as the Vice Presidential choice, or perhaps she realizes that if she tears Obama apart now, neither of them will win the election.

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Anonymous said...

Well I do agree with you Craig that Hillary has been nice to Obama. I just dont think she ready to give up just yet. There is a few primaries left to go. She will stay to the bitter end. She believes strongly in her campaign.

Craig Williamson said...

Yes, she's gotten tougher in her words since that debate. I think she is trying to bring up the issues that she still has an edge on, like healtcare because it doesn't seem as though she can win on just a pure leadership focus.